25 Things I Love about My Husband

25. He makes the best scrambled eggs in. the. world. And I don’t even like eggs, typically speaking. But I’d eat his scrambled eggs every day of my sorry little life.

24. He’s a gentleman. He’s so classy he still believes in opening doors and carrying bags and helping old ladies–or young ladies in 4 inch stilettos. He jumps out of the car and runs around to open the door. That’s how classy he is.

23. He cares about little stuff. By which I mean that I love that he has an opinion about home decor and clothes and colors and my new glasses and Bobby’s hair. It’s nice to get a second perspective.

22. He loves his family. Like, his mom and his dad and his siblings. I think that’s awesome. He wants to be close to them and invest in their lives. That’s a huge gift to give someone.

21. He is a hard worker. Picture a man, soaked in sweat, still slaving away as if the earth was going to end in five minutes. That’s my husband. He works so hard for lots and lots of hours and never complains.

20. He has goals. Extra super awesome goals. And he works toward them. And he motivates himself with them. And that motivates everyone around him, which is pretty epic.

19. He ignores obstacles that prevent success. Mostly. Like alot more than I do. He doesn’t seem to notice the blistering cold when it’s time to change the oil, and somehow he forgets the annoying 10 minute drive to the gym when it’s time to work out. And he doesn’t seem to think about how painful the 15-hour-long moving project will be. He just does stuff. It’s amazing.

18. He loves to play. Specifically, he plays with our son, Bobby. They make tents and shoot bad guys and build towers and make stuff.

17. He is patient. With me. With Bobby. With stuff. He doesn’t get flustered; he just lets it run its course.

16. He is godly. He actually cares what God has to say about this or that. He spends time memorizing Scripture and listens to sermons for fun. He explains stuff to me. He reminds me of truth, and he wants to invest in the lives of others. Anyone who says that’s not attractive in a guy is a liar.

15. He is intentional. Especially as a dad. He responds to Bobby the way he does for a reason. They play this game over that game so Bobby can learn something. It’s cool.

14. He is resilient. Extremely. I am moody. Bobby is whiney. The house is a mess. But he never blows up. He just cleans up, or makes himself a sandwich.

13. He is smokin’ hot. Someone had to say it, and I believe I am uniquely situated to do so.

12. He cooks. Yes, yes, he does. And well. He makes anything that comes in a recipe. And some things that don’t. And they usually turn our perfectly because he likes to follow the recipe to a T.

11. He is an organizer extraordinaire. Never before has a closet or a truck or any square space seen such method, such stacking, such efficiency, such beauty.

10. He hates clutter. Me too–in my heart of hearts. But sometimes I forget and accidentally collect it anyway. So I’m glad he throws it away when I am not strong enough to do so.

9. He loves to have fun. And he can have fun doing a lot of things. He’s game for a last-minute weekend getaway or a sexy trip down the hall to grab the laundry. He loves new stuff and old stuff and red stuff and blue stuff. And pink.

8. He sings. Really well. And it’s actually really sexy.

7. He is nice to me. So, so nice. He never says bad things about me, even when we’re fighting. He usually takes the blame himself. And then I just want to cry cause he’s so freaking nice to me.

6. He supports my little ventures. He works nights so I can go to nursing school. He lets me keep all my crafting stuff even though it looks like clutter because he knows it’s important to me. He lets my girlfriends come over for the whole evening even when it was his only early evening off all week.

5. He listens to me. He lets me cry and talk and stuff. He doesn’t get flustered. He just listens and talks too. It’s really nice.

4. He’s considerate. If it affects me at all, he always asks me first.

3. He plans really fun dates. Weekend in Minocqua. Weekend at the Lodge. December mountain picnic. Midnight golf course hike. Star-gazing in a field with a 4 week old baby. Burgers and shakes at Leo’s. Summer evening swim in a cold lake.

2. He does stuff he’s not comfortable with because I want to. No better way to say “I love you.”

1. We fight and make up and are better friends than before. It’s not fun to fight, but I’m so glad I have a husband who will.

0. He loves me. He looks me in the eyes and tells me he loves me. Tells me he thinks I’m beautiful. And I believe him. He encourages me to achieve my goals. He helps me achieve my goals. He provides for me and for our son. And we talk. We love Jesus together. He makes changes. I know he loves me. And I love him, too.



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